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Friday, September 07, 2007

Stupid, stupid, stupid

I should know by now to always, ALWAYS go with my first instinct. For instance, a couple of weeks ago when a prospective daycare parent meets me for the first time and decides to leave her children with me after a five (if that long) short minute conversation. Not only did she complain about having to pay me at the end of the day (sorry, I don't do two for one deals....two children=twice the work), but I just received a copy of her bounced check from my bank. Yeah.

Or like the night we were on our way to the Rush concert and one of my daycare parents, upon finding out who we were going to see, mentions that Rush is one of his favorite bands. Instead of just thinking of offering him my ticket, I should have actually acted on that thought. Don't get me wrong. I had a good time. But it would have been really nice to do that for someone. Even though I had a nice time seeing my husband enjoy himself and reminiscing over old times, I probably would have gotten more joy allowing someone else over 3 hours of musical bliss. I'm guessing he also would have gotten more pleasure out of witnessing the underage drunken, almost threesome right next to us.

Or like last Saturday when the thought passed through my head, "Hey, you're white as a ghost. Put on some sunscreen. You KNOW the outcome will be very, very bad if you don't. Don't give me any back talk either!" Guess what?

Actually, my back had the least amount of damage. Somehow I deleted the one of my shoulders.
At least I was partially brown on my shoulders and neck area for about a week. Until yestereday when I began the peeling process. Now I just look like a freaking lizard in the molting process.

I had Ron take the picture so that next time I plan on being in the sun for an extended amount of time (longer than 30 minutes), I can look at this to remind myself that I do not tan. I was not born to tan. And no matter how much I try to convince myself, it will never happen. On the other hand, I am definitely going to be a candidate for skin cancer.


  • At 2:32 PM , Blogger His suzy said...

    I'm the same way. I burn (easily) and then I just peel or fade back to white. No tanning for me. So I (quite literally sometimes) feel your pain!


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