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Saturday, April 05, 2008

As of Late

**Jesse and I went to a potluck and board game night. It is a group that I found on meetup.com that is comprised of a wide variety of people looking for other people to socialize with and just have some good old fashioned fun. The group is open to singles, couples, single parents, married couples with kids. Basically anybody and their brother can join.

This party was by far the most fun of all the ones that we've attended. The game "Apples to Apples" was brought out and Jesse and I were hooked. It is a great game and I see us adding it to our game closet in the near future. But then someone brought out the Jenga Truth or Dare and things started to get a tad out of control. Why is it that a group of adults + alcohol always seems to = teenage behavior. The game soon became a little too racy and I had to call it a night. I guess that's okay, because when we got out to the car and saw the clock, it was 1:30 am! Bad mommy. At least we left before it turned into "Strip Jenga".

**I've been advertising (again) to get more daycare children. I currently have 2 full time and 2 part time, which does not contribute enough with the bill paying. Plus, I love to have a steady group of at least 4 a day to do my daily activities with the children. Every single time I've advertised in the newspaper, I get calls from people thinking I'm offering employment. WHY????? I've finally started to tell these people that, "No I'm not offering a job. I advertised in the "services" section NOT the "help wanted" section." Of course I'm polite when I tell them, but still! It gets rather annoying. The other thing that irks me? Is when I have a parent that sets up a specific day and time to come meet me and then they never show. And they don't have the courtesy to call and let me know they're not coming. Especially (ESPECIALLY!!) when it happens to be a Saturday morning and I woke up everyone else in the family to help clean. I guess it's a good thing to find out right from the start if a potential client is going to be that inconsiderate of my time/effort. I am definitely better off without them. You know? On a positive note, all of my current daycare parents that I have are great people. I'm hoping to find more just like them. :)

**I've added 2 new exercise classes to my repertoire. The first is a class that I figured I could actually pull off. It is called Zumba and basically consists of dancing to different types of music, mostly Latin but also some that I would classify as hip hop. It is F-U-N! If you hate the traditional aerobics classes and think they are boring/repetitive/or whatever, Zumba may just be for you! It is the most fun I've ever had working out. You even get to shake your hips and shimy your chest to your heart's content! I'm telling you, it is the most fun you'll have sweating (well, except for Richard Simmons of course!). Anywoo, the other class that I started is not quite as fun. In fact, I feel as if I am going to actually die every Saturday morning for the past few weeks. And yet I keep going back for more torture! The class? Cardio kickboxing (don't laugh). Yes, my old self thinks that she is going to kick some arse by learning how to kick some guy in the nuts if he so dares to attack me in a dark alley. The girl (she was complaining that she is old....at 20!) that teaches the class is like a mini Jillian, one of the trainers from The Biggest Loser. She is brutal. And also brutally honest...to a fault. I think she offended one of the guys in the class today. He was telling her that he's lost 130 pounds (and kept it off for the past 6 years) by going on the Atkins diet. She basically told him that that diet never works as everyone always gains the weight back. Well, he seemed to be pretty proud of himself (and rightfully so) for his accomplishments. I think she has some learning to do in the personal relations part of her job. Yes, it's okay to be "brutally honest and not sugar coat things" (her words) but it's also not a crime to give people credit where credit is due. Regardless, I'm still going to keep attending as I need someone to push me that hard. At the beginning of the session, she had everyone test to find out what their percentage of body fat is. Mine? 31%. Ouch! Her goal for all of us is to lower it down at least 1 percentage point. That, I think I can do. We'll see about the other 10% that it needs to go down. I guess as long as I have mini Jillian by my side, it should be no problem. ;)


  • At 12:47 AM , Blogger Bearette24 said...

    I wish you lived closer to me! I'm gonna need daycare soon :)

    Agreed about the inconsiderate people...better to find out at the beginning.

    And kickboxing...reminds me of Say Anything when Lloyd Dobler says, "Have you heard of kickboxing? Sport of the future?" It strikes me as a good way to get ripped/buff :)

  • At 12:48 AM , Blogger Bearette24 said...

    Well, not full-time daycare but the occasional drop-off. I hope they have it here!

  • At 2:55 PM , Blogger His suzy said...

    I took a kickboxing class one summer while I was in college. The gloves and everything! It was so fun and I loved getting to hit things (constructively!), but it kicked my butt!! Wore me out and made me sweat like I couldn't believe. So I hope you can learn to like your kickboxing too!

  • At 8:45 AM , Blogger Roxanne said...

    Bearette- I wish we lived closer too! I would love to care for your little guy. :)

    You might check out care.com or craigslist for options in daycare such as drop-in. I know there are other sites out there, too. And, of course, there's word of mouth if you know of anyone with children. You may even try to find a mom's group to see if anyone has some good recommendations.

    Suzy- I was hoping to get to punch and kick bags to get out some frustration, but we've only used them once so far just for kicking (and I almost fell on my butt with one of the kicks!).

  • At 5:55 PM , Blogger Caro said...

    Strip Jenga, I'd pass too!


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