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Monday, April 21, 2008

Of Cats and Dogs

Yesterday Jesse and I volunteered at the local Humane Society, otherwise known as "the pound" (will that name ever die?). I joined a volunteer group sometime this past fall and have attended a few of the outings so far. I always find that when I join in the act of volunteering it is a very satisfying feeling. There's just something about it that makes you feel very grounded. I can step out of my own little world and see that there is so much need. I also realize that I am no saint. My semi-monthly contributions to the community are nothing compared to that of which some people do. For example, the man that gave us our orientation in the adult cat room. His name is Dick and I'm guessing he is in his 60's. He said that he has been volunteering for the past 6 years, every Sunday for about 5 hours. And there are many more just like him.

Needless to say, Jesse and I caught the volunteer bug after seeing all of those adorable cats (including the 3-legged orange tabby and the one-eyed brown and white spotted guy). We just may find ourselves spending more than a few Sundays cleaning the litter boxes, changing the bedding and vacuuming the scratching post (you'd be amazed at how much hair can accumulate on those things!).

I am going to shamelessly use this opportunity to remind everyone that if you add a furry member to your family, please please please consider adopting. There are so many wonderful animals out there waiting for a loving family to bring them home.

And while I'm at it (and since I forgot to add it to this post) I would like to urge everyone to become an organ donor. I mean, really? Whatcha gonna do with them after you're dead? Don't forget that you can also donate blood to help save lives. Now go make me proud!!


  • At 5:07 PM , Blogger Liz said...

    I am both a dog adopter and a registered organ donor, but I was told that I can't donate blood while I'm pregnant.

    Did I do okay? ;)

    I volunteered at an animal shelter for a while when I was in college. My first day there I was walking a very spirited dog who slipped from his collar and decided to play hard to get. I finally caught him an hour later, to a round of applause from the shelter staff. My face was beet red.

  • At 8:13 PM , Blogger His suzy said...

    I'm not sure I could volunteer at the pound. The last time I went there (okay, a long time ago), I left in tears. The animals all looked so sad. I'd almost be afraid to go back. I'd have to volunteer at some other kind of animal shelter.

  • At 11:48 PM , Blogger Roxanne said...

    Liz- Um, yeah. I think you're doing just fine. Can you imagine if you hadn't become a dog adopter? Okay, let's not go there. ;)

    I bet the escapee dog was a comical scene (for everyone else, of course). I already decided that if they want me to help walk the dogs, I'll have to decline. For one, some or most of them just honestly scare me. I know there are some people that can see the sweetness in any dog, but that's not me. I think dogs sense my fear, so that would be another good reason. I'm only talking about the big, burly guys that could rip you to shreds if they wanted to and I'm pretty sure that if you're walking the dogs, you can't be prejudiced. Cats on the other hand.......

    Suzy- Yes, animal shelters can be a very sad place. But I also like to look at the positive side of it. What if they weren't there to help? And look at all the animals that DO get adopted and live wonderful lives with their new families. You know what's more sad? Pet stores. *stepping down off my soap box* (I didn't mean this to discredit your comment or feelings about your experience, just so you know)

  • At 11:58 PM , Blogger Bearette24 said...

    My sis walks the shelter dogs, but I'm with Suzy - it would make me too sad. I donate money to them instead :)

  • At 9:32 AM , Blogger Liz said...

    If you can, check out this issue of People magazine and see the article about Steve McGarva and his work on Puerto Rico's so-called Dead Dog Beach.


  • At 7:35 PM , Blogger Caro said...

    I'm a bone marrow donor but nobody wants my blood.

    It seems I have hepatitis antibodies although I've never had hepatitis. I did have a few surgeries as a kid so maybe there were blood transfusions?

    Good for you for volunteering.

  • At 10:01 PM , Blogger Roxanne said...

    Bearette- I'm sure all the animals appreciate the food and shelter that you've helped to provide. :) Everyone helps in their own way and I think every little bit helps.

    Liz- Thanks for the link. That is so so very sad. More than words can express. Makes me want to take a trip there and help out with one of the rescue groups. I know it would be extremely difficult to see, but oh so rewarding.

    Caro- I'm a bone marrow donor, too. Or rather I'm on the bone marrow registry just waiting for a call if I'm ever matched up with someone.


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