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Monday, October 10, 2005

Paint, tiles, Mexico, and kidneys (not the beans)

Once again I am procrastinating. I really need to get busy in the scraping paint and tiling department. But hubby says it's o.k. to take my time. So I sit here procrastinating again. Oh, well. We were looking at vacation destinations last night. While looking at Mexico, we found some really neat cabana rentals on the south eastern coast. Really nice, away from the crowds of tourists. The cabanas are located right on the beach with places to go snorkeling nearby. The Mayan ruins are within an hours drive. There's also a cheesy water/eco park within driving distance to keep the kids entertained for one of the days. We were discussing the possibility of visiting my family in CA over the kid's Christmas break. I would love to visit, but then again I would also like to spend that same amount of money on a trip somewhere that we have never been. I think it would be really awesome to get a somewhat relaxing vacation. I LOOOVE the beach, especially warm, mild beaches. Where we lived before we were right on the beach, but it was mostly foggy and cold. No matter how warm it got in the summer(80 at the most) the water was always freezing! So the prospect of getting to visit somewhere right on the beach, get to learn a little bit of the history (ruins), learn a little about the culture being away from the large tourist trap areas, and just getting to spend some fun time with hubby and kids sounds like a great idea. I think we would not take this trip right away though. Maybe not until next fall or spring as I really need to get back to work and start earning some moolah again. But it will be something fun to take the time to plan out and look forward to. I am hoping that my family will be able to take the time and money to come visit us back here so we can spend our money on fun trips! My sister, bro-in-law, and their 7 kids may come back sometime this summer as they have bought a crappy, "vacation/retirement" home in Upper Michigan. They found an ad for it and bought it without even seeing so much as 1 lousy picture. It was for $15,000 so I guess they figured they were buying it for the land and if the house was a piece of junk they can bulldoze it. So we may see them swing by here this next summer. It is not easy for them to travel these days though as my bro-in-law is on kidney dialisys. He has to go 3 times per week and so it is a long process to set up for places along their destination route for him to get "cleaned out". Hopefully soon he will get a new kidney, but until then it sucks.


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