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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Stop your damn procrastinating, woman!

Just sitting here waiting for our new washing machine to be delivered. It is a front loading one just like in the laundromats. Should be cool. I keep procrastinating with unpacking our many boxes that are scattered throughout the house. I then feel guilty for not having done enough work here at home while my hubby is at work getting stressed from being at a job that he already does not like. I REALLY need to get busy getting the house ready for me to open my business. Family daycare. It is fun, rewarding, challenging, exhausting, degrading(at times--when parents call you the "babysitter"). All in all I love it and am looking forward to finding a new group of kids and families to get to know and love and welcome into our home and family. I had to close my daycare in CA at the end of June. It was really tough as some of the children and their parents were/are like family. I actually become more close and attached to my daycare children than I do with my nieces and nephews. I suppose that is what happens when you spend 40-50 hours a week with some of these kids. It is somewhat of a moral issue with me. I love to be the person that the parents put their trust into to care, love, cherish, and nurture their child through all of their stages of growth. I also feel that some of the kids I have cared for over the years would be much better off growing and developing at home with their parents. I realize more than most people that a lot of parents don't have much choice but to work and supports their family. That is just a fact of life. But there are also families that could afford to live off of one parent's income if they really tried to make it work. Is it worth the price you pay in the end to have 2 nice cars, a new house, money to go on extravagant vacations? If you end up missing most of your child's "firsts" for all of these luxuries, again is it really worth it? Having said that, I respect my daycare parents for the tough decisions that they have to make with their children. It is one of the hardest things to do as a parent, putting all of your trust into someone else to care for this precious being. I feel a great responsibility in the role that I play in these children's lives. For some of them, they are with me more of their waking hours than they are with their parents. I have the responsibility to teach them life skills, manners, language skills, social skills, among many other things.

I just recently emailed one of my daycare moms from CA and she said her son keeps asking to drive by our old house to make sure that I'm not there. He was probably the hardest of all of my kids to have to leave. He had a very strong bond with me. It is not easy to just move on and start with a new group. At least I have lots of good memories to hold onto though. And we will be back there to visit since my family is there.

So I suppose I ought to get back to the unpacking so I can be that much closer to opening the biz and contributing to our family income. We really don't want to blow through all of our earnings from selling high in CA and buying somewhat low in OH. Isn't real estate great when it works in your favor? Onward and upward.


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