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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Rain from Katrina has passed

I am torn between being happy to see the rain pass and the feeling that all of those people suffering will continue for who knows how long. The rain that we had here in Ohio(after effects of Katrina) has passed. It was a strange feeling that we only had a constant, calmly falling rain while all of those others have such devastation. I wish I could do more than just send a few measly dollars to the red cross. I wish I could invite a family here and house them for however long they needed. I guess I will just send what money I can to the red cross, though. Who knows if they will even rebuild New Orleans in the same location? I suppose the people living there will have their own opinions, with so much history there and all.

We are feeling pretty lucky right now. We have a warm, dry place for us and our kids to sleep at night. Plenty of food and water. I really don't feel like I can complain about our situation right now. Yes, we are sleeping on the floor of an almost empty house, but who cares? We are trying to make the most of the situation. We are going to take a break this weekend and go to a concert with the kids. There is an outdoor ampitheater nearby and they're having the Cincinatti Pops perform the Star Wars music. Afterwards they will have fireworks. Should be fun.

I checked out a couple of movies from the library(along with a book) to pass the time while the kids are at school and until we actually move. It seems like the public library should spend money on books and educational videos like National Geographic nature and Nova, etc. But they have all kinds of movies, so I guess I'll take advantage of it instead of renting them at the video store. I watched "About a Boy" yesterday with Hugh Grant. It was actually entertaining and somewhat thought provoking. Going to watch "Chicago" today. It isn't one that I would have paid to rent, but since it's free I want to see what all the hype was about. Tell you if I liked it later.


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