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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

New day, new sh*t

Well, we are officially moved into our new house. It was not an easy task. It involved literally breaking into our own house two weeks after we signed the final papers. The morning after we moved in, hubby finds out we have no hot water. Yes, our natural gas was turned off because apparently I was supposed to send them a copy of my driver's license and social security card. Why, I have no idea. How is that going to prove that I'm going to pay my bill? For a week we drove back and forth to our rental house to take showers and baths for the kids. The first day we were able to take showers at our new house, the drain in the basement starts to back up. We have no idea if this was something the previous owners knew about or not. At first it was just clear water.....then a few days later, BROWN!!! Yes, you guessed it. Raw sewage seeping rather quickly into the basement. We have a septic tank rather than being on city sewer. So our initial thought was the tank was full. Had it pumped still did not solve the problem. They called out their drain guy with his snake and he seemed to have fixed the problem. Next day, water is coming up out of the drain near the well pump. We have no idea what the deal is. I just want to take showers and wash dishes without having sewage/water/toilet paper coming into our new and rather cool hangout spot in the basement. My uncle who lives in San Diego is a semi-retired plumber. Maybe he can take a trip out here and help us out! Or maybe I just call back the really cute plumber with his snake (I know, I know). At least my hubby liked the joke when I told him. I really need to stop procrastinating and go scrub the poo off the floor and hope (fingers, toes, eyes crossed) that stuff doesn't start shooting out of the drain again. Any advise out there from anyone? Awww the smell of bleach. I'm feeling light headed already.


  • At 2:24 AM , Blogger Seeker said...

    Thanks for posting at my blog. It seems a little lonely sometimes in blogland...

    Your blog is entertaining, although I know you must be going crazy with all the moving in headache with the drainage problems. Good luck!


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