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Friday, September 23, 2005

A Whole Lotta Love

I have been reading a really good book called "Depression Fallout" by Anne Sheffield. It explains in great, painful detail what happens to the loved ones of a drepressive. It is basically like reading my life story of my marriage to hubby. I am lucky enough to have a partner that sees his illness for what it is and is willing and able to not deny it. So many depressed people are in such a fog that they cannot see anything in the "real" world. Hubby was there during his suicidal period but he has come so far since then. He is really enjoying feeling somewhat normal right now and actually being able to enjoy simple things in life:

Barbequeing an amish grown chicken on new barby (quite tasty I might add)

Wrestling on the living room floor with the kids

Mowing the lawn with our new(bought used) riding tractor

Going to a baseball game by himself (so he doesn't have to deal with the rest of us bored soles)

Drinking a beer after work (just one, not a case or anything)

Sex on consecutive nights (I don't know what has gotten into me, but HE actually turned me down on night #4)

It is nice to have him "stable" and I can only hope that it lasts for a while. Maybe he has found the right meds., the right dosage, and the right amount of lovin' to make things work. We were talking last night and he said that he has not felt this connected with me ever in all the years of our marriage. Ditto for me. It is a great feeling to love and to be loved. And at this point in our marriage I know that it's not just the love crazed infatuation of being with someone new. We are two 30 something people who have been there and back with each other and still miss each other when we're apart. It's great.


  • At 9:03 AM , Blogger Brie said...

    That's great. I hope you don't mind me readin or commenting on here. It's nice to be able to read a little bit about someone else's life who isn't in my little circle and has alraedy been there and done that.I'm glad your husband's improving, and I hope he continues to do so. Depression is a hard thing to deal with, but I'm glad you guys have each other.

  • At 12:11 PM , Blogger Roxanne said...

    no I don't mind you commenting. I actually like getting feedback from people even though I originally started this to get my feelings and thoughts out of my head. Thanks for your interest.



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