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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Some gratefuls and some ungratefuls

O.K., I think I'll start with the ungratefuls for today. We had to have the plumber come out to check our well pump. Not only is it extremely loud(you seriously need ear protection if anywhere in the vicinity), but it keep on coming on when no water was being run. So we find out that we need to replace the pump. $400 of it is covered by the home warranty, $550 we have to pay. Great, as long as we have water and don't lose our hearing. After installing the new pump, he discovers that the previous owners have created a so called "cover up" to a much larger problem. They will have to come back tomorrow to dig up the well casing and fix whatever problem lies beneath it. Another $750 out of our pockets, great. No showers in the morning, too. So, no fun in the bedroom tonight. Bummer. Now for the good news. I am grateful for:

Our new showerhead---removable massaging thingy that can get EVERYTHING clean (sorry, but I love it)

That we're going to get our new puppy soon---although we don't know what breed probably a mix of something from the humane society

That hubby is happy with his new toy---52 in big screen HD something or other t.v. for our new cool basement hangout

That I finally got motivated to start cleaning the basement so I can start my business again and start getting some income again and start being on a regular schedule again and and and (run on sentences rule)

That I'm headed for bed right now and it's a really comfy pillow top bed

Hershey's dark chocolate kisses---they're yummy yet in small quantities they're actually healthy for you(I need to go shopping tomorrow)

The leaves are starting to change which means snow is closer....come on, snow already would you? (I know I'll get sick of it before spring but for now, bring it on!)

I will be writing more on memories tomorrow but I'm too tired now so......stay tuned in.


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