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Friday, May 05, 2006

Check out those gams, baby!

First of all, I would like to say that I am not in the least bit a fashion gal. I try, but I always feel like what other people see is someone who just didn't try enough when searching through the closet.

Last week I found these really cute skorts. I've never had one before but always admired them in the store. I decided, what the heck, I'll go for it. I was utterly amazed to find out that I fit into a size 12 (yes, I just commited a crime by stating my actual size....next thing you know I'll be telling you my weight). Last summer I was still in a size 18 and somedays I was struggling to get the button snapped. I vaguely remember that in high school I wore a size 10/12 depending on the brand. *happy dance in the dressing room*

I end up finding 2 pairs of skorts that I liked....fit well....looked good from all angles (my opinion). It wasn't until I tried them on at home (and hubby so nicely stated) that I realized they look like really REALLY short mini skirts. So even though I know that there's shorts underneath, everyone else I come across during my day thinks that I'm wearing a really short skirt. I didn't think that people would really notice until I went out and about in my new digs.

First stop: Jesse's school. She wanted me to pick her up instead of riding the dreaded school bus. There are these 2 benches (facing each other....you getting the picture?) that the parents sit on as we wait for the kids to come out to the front of the school. I end up sitting straight across from these 2 dads (actually one was older, might have been a grandpa) and I notice the 'line of sight' thing going on. Mind you, I am completely covered underneath but noone else knows that. I thought of just sitting with my legs spread wide like a guy, but no, I decided to be lady like and fool them all!

Every other place I went today I noticed the odd glances. I figure they were either thinking:

A. man those are some nice *ss legs!
B. she really needs to cover up those thunder thighs.
C. what WAS she thinking this morning?
D. you're not exactly a teenager....put some clothes on already!

Disclaimer: I am not conceited.....anything but. I HAVE worn actual mini skirts before.....but that was back in high school....and I actually wanted the attention then.

I told hubby that maybe next time I wear one of these I'll have to put on my revealing tank top from last summer. It has one of those built in bras. The kind that really are just an extra layer of cotton fabric which do no good whatsoever for a person of my size.

*No I will not be posting a picture of my skort or tank top. You'll have to wander the streets of @#$%ville to catch a glimpse. Or just come to our neighborhood bonfire.


  • At 10:19 AM , Blogger Liz said...

    I'll see you at the bonfire. ;)

    I can't wear those built-in-bra tanks, either. Although I have tried. With very dubious results.

  • At 11:49 AM , Blogger His suzy said...

    I bet they're thinking what a hot mama you are! :)

  • At 2:25 AM , Blogger irv said...

    I love, love love skorts: while fetching, they are burly enough to take on your thunder-thigh magic, accompanying you to the grocery store, the dry cleaners or even adorning that suggestive bench at your child's elementary school....

    I don't know if you are a natural '12' or not (like I am...as in 'rail thin' translates to '12') but this is the most flattering, unassuming, and fashion-transcending skirt style imaginable, esp. for those of us for whom the gods spaketh: 'let the valkyrian warrior-princess reign upon the world, and in her thighs will lie the strength of armies!'
    thanks for nothing...

    I found, decades ago, that experimenting with short skirts, even when I was quite comparatively thin, rendered some interesting looks, but oftener than not, elicited the awkward business of sitting anywhere in public...


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