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Friday, April 14, 2006

Things I Done Today

Sleep in until 10 am (kids didn't have school today)

Get in shower, attempt to wash hair, only to realize that if I try to lift my right arm....pain,pAiN, PAIN shooting down my arm, across my shoulder, and into my neck

Finish shower in extreme pain but whatcha gonna do when your all soapy and wet

Attempt to clean up clutter, food crumbs, dirty laundry, clean laundry, etc before Bobby's friend comes over

Order kid's around to do most of the above because I soon realize that not only can I not lift my arm, but I cannot turn my head in any direction either

Get the new fishing poles out of the garage and show the kids how to tie lures, bobbers, and cast off (with as much as I can remember from fishing as a kid)

Lay on couch trying to figure out if this "thing" is going to work it's way out (from past experience I know that it won't but I try to fool myself into thinking so)

Keep avoiding Jesse's requests to go to the neighborhood pond to fish (she's not accepting the fact that I can't move). Her brother doesn't want to take her

Finally break down and call the chiropractor. Got an appointment for 2:30 pm

Try to decide if it's ok to leave Bobby and his friend home alone while I go have Dr. McDreamy fix me. Bobby reassures me it's ok because his friend stays home alone all the time. "He's 15 you know. Yeah, he's been held back a couple of times because of his grades." They're in 7th grade. I knew this boy was too tall to be 12-13 years old.

Attempt to drive myself for my date with Dr. McDreamy. Soon realize that this is not going to be an easy task. I cannot move my head more than an inch or two in either direction. So in order to look before pulling into traffic I have to actually turn my body in the direction that I need to look. This could be very interesting.

The doc checks me over real good and says I'm in the same shape as someone who "got smacked in the head". He worked me over pretty darn good. I had to do my deep breathing exercises that I learned in lamaze class to get through the pain. After he left the room I started to tear up from the pain. This is not like me at all. By the time I am back to my van, I am bawling like a little baby. I had to sit there for 5-10 minutes getting myself calmed down enough to drive home.

Arrive home to the interagation queen, "Can you take me fishing now PLEASE, PLEASE, PUULLEEEZE!" She still is not believing me that I cannot move. I convince her brother to take her and soon as his friend goes home. They had a good time.....lost both bobbers, one lure, saw a bunch of dead carp.

Cooked eggs for coloring tomorrow. Most of them broke while cooking even though I was oh so careful when placing them into the boiling water. I guess it's a case of thin shelled eggs. Does that mean the chickens who layed them are thin skinned?

Help hubby cook dinner (as much as I can): BBQ pork (marinated in terriyaki sauce), baked potatoes, and steamed broccoli. Yum!

Things I Still Gotta Get Done

Call my mom to see how she's doing. I've only talked to her once since her knee operation. She's doing fine and glad to be back home again. I still feel bad for not being able to be there to help out.

Watch one of my movies from the library. It's either "In Her Shoes" or "Me, Myself , and Irene". Probably go with the latter since hubby won't want to watch the chick one. We watched "Reality Bites" last night for the first time. I thought it was pretty good.

Ice my neck and shoulder again before bed (doctor's orders).


  • At 12:48 PM , Blogger Liz said...

    That's interesting, I was having neck and shoulder pain last week.

    I first injured my neck in college and it seems to happen over and over again in the same spot. I know I should do stretches every day but I usually forget.

    I hope you're feeling better very soon.

  • At 9:01 PM , Blogger Brie said...

    Good luck with the whole neck shoulder thing, I know that must suck. I have a neck injury from and accident involving someone being thrown in the air and landing on my. It hurts when I do headbutts for soccer, or if the bone moves weird, it kinda grinds. Bad sound. But perhaps you will figure it out. Hope you do.


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