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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

My Baby Girl

Nine years ago at 1:05 am just after the smoke from the fireworks had cleared, my baby girl was born into a tub full of warm water. My little water baby. Sometime during the morning of the 4th, I started to feel those familiar pains in the back. We headed to the local mall to cool off and so I could walk to help progress my labor. We walked, and walked, and walked. My contractions became a little closer together (not much though) and so we called the midwife. She said she would meet us at the birth center to check how far along I was. It took all day and all night of small, bearable contractions to convince my little girl that it was time to come out and meet the world.

After a while of hanging out at the birth center (and walking up and down the cement stairs outside to get things moving along!), we walked over to the bowling alley next door. It was smoky and dingy (what one isn't?) so we headed back to the BC. Our midwife suggested that we go home and wait it out there where we would be more comfortable. It was a 45 minute drive home. About 30 minutes later I soon realized that I was in "transition" which means that you need to get the heck out of dodge. During the whole ride back to the center, I was at the point of wondering if we would make it or not. Hubby was quite nervous, running red lights and all, but luckily it was late at night and there were virtually no other cars on the roads.

Midwife helps me down the stairs into the hot tub room. I step into said hot tub only to discover that it was extremely uncomfortably hot. She runs back upstairs and quickly comes back with 2 trays of ice cubes that she drops into the water. I get in the rest of the way and figure out that leaning forward against the side of the tub is much more comfy than on my back. I still remember this one minor detail: while I was doing my heavy breathing (which by the way comes pretty naturally and you probably don't need lessons to do), I distinctly remember drooling all over the floor. Anyhoo, after a few good pushes, the midwife tells me to reach down and I'll be able to feel the top of the head. I was confused at first.....what? you want me to grab my own baby when she comes out? I soon realized that she was just giving me the opportunity to be the first to touch my child as she entered the world. I'll never forget that feeling. Ooey gooey baby head. It was THE best. As soon as she came out, the midwife lifted her to the surface and laid her on my belly, still halfway in the water to keep her warm.

When I delivered the placenta, the midwife allowed me to see it also. This is something that I didn't get in the hospital with my son. It might seem insignificant to some people (or WHY in the heck would you want to look at something that disgusting), but for me it was monumental getting to see what had supplied my child with all the nutrients she needed for the last nine months. I was then walked over to the couch to sit and nurse her for the first time, just minutes after she had been born. As she was having her first munchies, hubby brought me a bagel and juice, and then she pooped in my hand. It was a very touching moment. Bobby, who had just turned 4 years old, had been sleeping on the other couch in the room. He woke up in a daze and asked his new baby sister, "Wanna play trucks?" It was so cute. He was still pretty wiped out, so he fell back to sleep. My mom laid Jesse down right next to Bobby and we have the cutest picture of them sleeping side by side (I'll have to post it when we get our scanner working again).

Happy 9th birthday, Jesse!


  • At 10:18 AM , Blogger His suzy said...

    That's a really neat story. :)

  • At 11:33 AM , Blogger Bearette24 said...

    Aww...what a sweet story. I think giving birth in water is so cool...and gravity must help.

  • At 3:44 PM , Anonymous Lynsey said...

    Any other moment..drueling on the floor would sound funny? But when you're in labor, it really doesn't matter what you do huh? ha! I've heard that the birthing tubs help the pain a lot. I got the experience of a Hospital..where I felt perfectly comfortable and SAFE! I was a worry freak! How fun...happy birthday to her!


  • At 11:10 PM , Blogger The Beast Mom said...

    Hi Roxanne,
    Thanks for visiting my new blog and for leaving your blog address. I enjoyed reading your entries. The birth story was very cool. I don't what it is about hearing other women's birth stories, but they are always fascinating and hold my attention!

    -Beast Mom

  • At 12:15 AM , Blogger mtcutie said...

    Hey Roxanne,

    I’m sorry that you didn’t make my list… it was all very random and at that moment I guess I didn’t think of you… I definitely will include you in my next installment. Chris too… or he might cry! Lol

    That’s cool that you had a water baby… what made you decide to do it that way? Was it more painful then a hospital delivery? Were you scared? I’m so curious about delivering babies. There’s a good chance I’ll never experience it so I am full of questions. I heard the water delivery is less shell shocking for the baby but what about the mom?


  • At 5:50 AM , Blogger Invader Stu said...

    That's a really cute story.

    Happy Birthday Jesse.

  • At 8:54 AM , Blogger Liz said...

    What a great birth story! If we ever have kids I'd love to use a midwife.

  • At 8:54 AM , Blogger Liz said...

    What a great birth story! If we ever have kids I'd love to use a midwife.

  • At 11:35 AM , Blogger Roxanne said...


    Bearette-yes, gravity is wonderful thing.....much better than laying in a bed like with my first child.

    Lynsey-I was a worry freak too! I read about a million "Midwifery" magazines before the birth of my second child. I wanted to have a different experience than the sterile enviro. of the hospital like with my first birth. We luckily had insurance coverage for a birth center (it was a remodeled old home...very homey indeed) that was close enough to a hospital that if anything started to go wrong, the midwife would have rushed us over there. I did feel very safe AND I had already been through a birth once so I felt a little bit more prepared.

    Beast mom- thanks for stopping by. Glad I could entertain you! I have always been intrigued by hearing other women's stories also. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I found a ton of back issues of Midwifery magazine and gobbled them up voraciously. It helped me feel more prepared for the midwife/birth center experience versus the doctor/hospital.

    Mt- Don't sweat it. Like I said, just me being needy and a dork. :) I realize you were just randomly thinking about people. Moving on....it WAS more relaxing than laying in a bed with people holding my legs back spread eagle. I've always like the relaxing effects of water so I thought...why not? Although by the time I got in the tub, it was time for me to start pushing (meaning that the real intense part of labor had already passed), so I'm not sure if the water would have helped with reducing contraction pain or not. If you do ever get to go through the birth experience, I want FULL DETAILS! :)

    Stu- thanks! Although if you saw the pictures of me, you would NOT be using the term "cute". ;)

    Liz- I would highly recommend using a midwife, whether it's in a hospital, birth center, or at home. Not only are they knowlegable, but they treat you like a person rather than another car payment on their new Jag. For the actual birth, I had a midwife and an RN. Call me if you need any advice in the future. :)

  • At 4:10 PM , Blogger alley_cat said...

    Cool post! Yup, I try to do it with ally but she never lets me finish my order :)

    I hate chain spam-mail. Had to email my mom a couple of yrs ago to get off that list. It made me feel stupid to even be getting it, let alone be the offspring of someone sending it - I hate SPAM! ARGGHHH!!

    Have a good one!


  • At 7:35 PM , Blogger Invader Stu said...

    I'm sure I still would be ;)

  • At 8:26 AM , Anonymous Lessie said...

    Wow! Congratulations on doing natural child birth. You're my hero!

  • At 8:38 AM , Blogger Roxanne said...

    Lessie- Thanks! Although I'm not the first and I surely won't be the last. For me, it was not really about trying to be brave and endure the pain, but I really don't like the feeling of being under the influence of drugs and not having total control over my body. I've always been like that. I barely drink alcohol and when I do, it is only usually one drink. I have never tried any mind altering drugs because frankly my mind is crazy enough on it's own!


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