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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Not Bloody Likely

Here we go again. (the title is my comment to his post.)


  • At 1:30 PM , Blogger His suzy said...

    I'm sorry, Rox. I hope things get better and I hope you can keep your strength up in the meantime.

  • At 2:56 PM , Blogger annelynn said...

    Thinking of you.

  • At 1:32 AM , Blogger Roxanne said...

    Suzy- Thanks a bunch. I was chanting to myself....I'm a rock...I'm a rock. It seems to help. :)

    Anne- I know that Ron and I are quite thankful to have blog friends like you. Tonight he said it's too bad that all his blog friends don't live close by. I agree. By the way, Ohio is not a bad place to live. But you already know that. ;)


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