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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Life goes on...........

We still, after a week, do not have a name for the new puppy. We tried on the name Newman for a few days, but it wasn't a good fit. It was inspired by Seinfeld so, of course, there were a few "Hello, Newman!" s thrown around. We thought that Jesse might be allergic to the puppy but no such luck. It seems to have just been a cold that she had. Too bad. I think I've discovered that I am definitely a cat person. Not that I hate dogs, they just annoy me. But since I'm such a good parent I will try to pretend to like this new addition to our family.

Bobby was asking the other day if we were going to be able to visit family in CA over Christmas break. We discussed that we weren't sure we wanted to spend $2000 just on plane tickets when we could use that to go on a real vacation somewhere we haven't been before. We didn't say anywhere specific to Bobby, but hubby and I have been talking about a trip to Mexico sometime in the spring or fall. Maybe we'll visit family during the off season when tickets aren't so expensive. Our nephew (Bobby's best friend), is going to be getting a plane ticket from my sis and bro in law for his birthday present. He will probably come sometime in the summer since he'll be able to stay longer and we'll be able to take them to go do some fun things. He is graduating high school this year so this might be their last "fling" at hanging out as kids. He may have to commit to turning into a grown up after this summer ends. Too bad. I think he might be ready for it though. Well, this was a boring entry but hopefully I can come up with some better material next time. Ta Ta!!

Oh yeah.....I am thankful for:

Doggie doors....we are definitely installing one not just for the dog but for the cats too.

Heaters that work

Fall colors

Winter clothes....I love to bundle up and get cozy

Along the same line....blankets (especially my homemade flannel quilts...flannel rocks!)

Connecting with hubby...oh, yeah you know what I mean


  • At 9:04 PM , Blogger isabel said...

    i am also a cat person. Occasionally I think i should have been a cat.

    Name the puppy Oscar. I love awkard names that don't lend themselves well to any shortenings. Or maybe Hubert. Something that is absurd for a puppy to be called.

    Or just do what you want....

    It's good that your nephew is coming to visit. I never had much contact with my cousins and i feel kind of estranged from the rest of the family when we visit them. Your son is lucky.


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