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Thursday, November 03, 2005


This past Saturday we took a drive to Millersburg (about a 45 minute drive). It is officially the largest amish village in the US. At least that's what they advertise on the billboards. We had planned on just driving around so we could spy on the amish and hope to find a pumpkin patch somewhere along the way. We were somewhat disappointed to find some of the amish have resorted to commercialism. There were a few shopping center type stores with homemade goodies (we bought some really yummy fudge) and wood furniture, etc. We only stopped at one that said it was a cheese factory where you could watch them making cheese. Unfortunately there was no cheese making to be viewed. The most ironic part was when we saw the amish girl working behind the counter using the credit card machine. After leaving that place, we drove on some of the back roads, slowly passing by some of the horse buggies. Jesse loved that, of course, with the horses and all. We also got to see some of the farmers using their farm equipment, powered by horses. That was cool. One more ironic part.....watching someone drive their bright yellow hummer behind an amish buggy. Two worlds colliding. Made me embarrassed to be part of that world. We did find some pumpkins, along the roadside, a menonnite family selling what they had left from their farm. Bought some smaller pumpkins and we're planning on grilling them on the bbq. Should be yummy!

Halloween night we ended up driving 20 minutes for the kids to go trick or treating. Apparently, they "schedule" trick or treat times here....we had no idea. Our neighborhood was Sat. 5-7 pm while we were in amish country. What ever happened to everyone trick or treating on Halloween night? Crazy Ohioans. I guess we better get used to it. Bobby said, "There's too many rules here." He's right. Too conservative. At least we can contribute to the blue on the map when it comes time to vote out Mr. Bushy. That will be nice. Living in CA it always felt like our vote didn't count. I know, they always tell you "Every Vote Counts" but sometimes it really doesn't. Especially when they start anouncing which candidate has "won" the election and you haven't even gone to the freaking polls yet.

Oh yeah, we took Skippy, our new puppy, with us on our trip to amish land. He loved it....so did the kids. He is already growing so much and we've only had him for 3 weeks.


  • At 2:34 PM , Blogger Franklin Neff said...

    damn i wish i could have voted. oh well. if you can find one, theres a really funny bumper sticker that says "Is it 2008 yet?"

  • At 10:32 PM , Blogger Roxanne said...

    I definitely need one of those bumper stickers. Although I might be the outcast here in bush country. I was in total shock when I relized that a majority of the people in this country thought that he should stay in office and have more chance to screw it up even more. I think too many people blindly vote for whatever candidate is chose for their party. Here's looking forward to 2008. Hopefully there's somebody worth putting our trust into.


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