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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Bill Nye the Science Guy

I am officially done scraping paint! This may sound like a non-significant accomplishment to some of you, but for me I have much reason to be jumping up and down screaming jubilantly. Yoo-freaking-Hoo! Today I was able to move onto the next step of the project......becoming a mad scientist. Muriatic acid is cool. I'm using it to "etch" the cement in the basement to prepare the surface for repainting. I read and followed all of the directions to a "T" and still I had to go outside to get some fresh air. After you open the bottle, it immediately has gas vapors (guess that's what you call them) emanating from the bottle. If you're not careful, the fumes will overtake you very quickly. Tomorrow........paint. Woohoo! Not only am I excited about getting to that step, but I love the smell of paint. I know I'm weird. I also like the smell of rubber cement. For you youngins out there, we used to use rubber cement in school instead of glue or paste. I would occasionally lift the lid of my desk, hide my head inside, and sneak a sniff or two of it. I wasn't addicted or anything, just liked to get a little whiff now and then. One day, recently, hubby and I were talking about rubber cement and he said he loved the smell too. I guess we really are made for each other, right?

Continuation of the muriatic acid: Hubby said one time when he was working at the local drug store.....someone had really high stacks of muriatic acid right next to chlorine in the storage room. Apparently there were containers of each that had leaked and combined.......toxic gas. His boss said, " Just hold your breath and go clean it up." Hubby says, "Have you never taken a chemistry class before? You better go call the fire department and get someone out here to clean up that crap." The boss found some idiot to hold his breath and clean it up. No one passed out amazingly.

Our puppy is growing quite a bit. He is now big enough that the kids took him outside to start training him on the leash. He is starting to sneak his way into my heart. He met the neighbor lady the other day. She is definitely a dog person, allowing him to kiss her all over, including the lips (and she was loving it). I'm sorry, I don't care how much I love a pet. They will not be licking my face with the same tongue that was just cleaning their butt or crotch. Just a thought.

Had a new breakthrough with Bobby today. After dinner he voluntarily got out a library book to read. Then he was looking for his wallet so he could buy(with his own money) the new Artemis Fowl book from the book fair at his school. Woo Hoo! Now.....to raise that F in science.

We will be going to visit my fam in May. My grandma wants to have a family reunion....which is quite an event. Her and my grandpa have 5 kids, they had a total of 15 kids, we, the grandkids, have had many, many kids, and now there are a few great, great grandkids in the bunch. It should be fun to see everyone. We are planning on visiting my parents, sister and her fam on the coast (yeah, the beach!) and then we'll drive over the much dreaded mountainous road (that always makes me sick unless I get drugged up on dramimine) to get to the reunion.


  • At 1:12 PM , Blogger Andrew said...

    man i remember chemistry class, one of my friends had never sniffed ammonia before, it was the funniest thing i had seen in a long time, i told him to sniff it (previously warning that it might kill him ^_~) and so he did it, i swear to god he almost passed out XD it was hilarious. I do know how relieving it is to get projects done. my parents got divorced so now i am one of the few people that have to do the big projects in the house along with daily chores (lucky me). so i am fixing screens, keeping up with hot tub maintenance, cutting grass and indoor chores, those big jobs and whatnot are so awesome to get done. anyways o_O
    i read your previous post on your son's F, and although i have never gotten one myself i have indeed come very close. trust me, it sounds like he is sorry and just remind him that he can bring it up still. i have gotten D's this year, although i am in the IB program and it doesn't surprise me. but it was still discouraging. so i decided to bring them up the following 6 weeks lol
    so now i think the lowest grade i might have would be a C but now i have mainly Bs and As. which is amazing in my mind. IB classes are basically college level classes in high school >_<
    god you seem like the happiest person in the world to me, it is good to see someone like that, someone who doesn't stress constantly. it relieves me lol
    keep on living ^_^


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