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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Thanks everyone

In response to the comments on my previous post.........

Pop rocks-(btw, I love pop rocks candy, is that where the name came from?)- I WILL take a couple dance lesson, even if I have to find someone else to take me. Anyone free? And go Steph! I hope she wins, she deserves it. I was happy when I saw them bring her back for another chance.

JaG- Sorry, I think I am going to try sushi....at some point. I always think I'm going to grab one at the chinese buffet, but never do.

jasmine- thanks for the advice. I don't really want to exploit him. I just thought people might be interested in getting the whole picture. And, yes, I don't think I should read his blog either. After he changed the address (my suggestion), I turn the computer on....and up pops his blog page. So of course my eyes fly straight up to the address, never to leave my brain again. And I tried stopping myself from checking it, but only lasted a few days before it was completely driving me crazy. I also would like to tell him that I have been reading it and to please change the address again.....I just am not ready to deal with that right now.

bill- yes, believe it or not, I have never been knock down drunk before. It's not like I'm a mormon or anything, just can't handle my liquor. And I think part of it is I choose not to. I like having control over my actions. I also have never done any drugs, including marijuana(except for secondhand smoke). If I ever ran for a political position, the media would have fun trying to dig up dirt on me. BORING! Maybe part of it is that I grew up in my parent's "mom and pop" grocery and the majority of the customers were druggies and alcoholics. We're talking nasty. Druggy sores up and down their body, can't stand still to save their life, stabbing family members left and right, living on welfare from generation to generation, their kid's coming in stinking so bad that we had to spray Lysol throughout the store. Now there's a deterent for you. But if I ever do decide to go for it, I will be contacting you for your hangover tips.

Thank you everyone.

On another note.....we have snow! The kid's played outside in it for over an hour after school. We are supposed to get snow for the next few days and hopefully get enough to pull the sleds out of the garage. Woo freaking hoo! I know, I know. In a few months I'll be complaining like the rest of the locals, but for now, let me enjoy it. I still have a village of snow people to create and some butt slammin', finger scrapin' sleddin' to get in. So back off all you locals who are ALREADY complaining about the white stuff. It makes everything look so pretty. I bet even the landfill looks pretty when it's snow covered. It might stink, but I bet it looks like a winter wonderland.

Tomorrow I will be making homemade chex mix(regular kind and orange/cranberry kind), the green pistachio, cool whip, marshmallow and nut salad that Bobby requested, and anything else I can prepare ahead of time. This year Thanksgiving will definitely be quite different for us. We are used to everyone meeting (usually at our house) which includes my parents, whatever foster kids they have at the time, my sister, my bro-in-law, their seven kids, hubby, me, Bobby, and Jesse. It is quite a crowd and it never fails that by mealtime at least one child is in timeout, screaming and crying during dinner(both kids and adults), fun and games to be had by hubby, myself, Bobby, and our oldest niece and nephew, my parents have to leave early because my dad has to work that night, bro-in-law gets annoyed at the rest of their kids and makes everyone leave even though we're in the middle of playing a board game. I just cured myself of being sad about being away from family. We are going to try to find some things to do over the weekend. There is supposed to be a parade on Saturday and it's probably going to be snowing. Yay, snow!

sidetrack--I have always spelled yay, as yeah. Except I will now try to change my ways. I'm so proud of myself. You really can teach an old dog new tricks.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!