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Friday, December 16, 2005

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy(?) Kwanzaa, Feliz Navidad

The recent uproar from the "devout" Christians about the new fad to greet people with "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas" is somewhat entertaining to me. Do they not think that we should respect other people's beliefs? Not every one in this country has the same beliefs and so the "Happy Holidays" greeting is supposed to be a positive. It is meant to not offend those of other faiths. I find it to be a huge improvement in mankind. Okay, maybe not huge, but a good step in the right direction. We all should think about this not only in the context of religion. People's cultures should be respected and honored. Just because "we" parent our children to be independent as early as possible, we should not expect that every culture believes this is the best for their children. The same goes for religious holidays. Just because the majority of the people in this country celebrate Christmas, does not mean that we should force it upon all.

At work, Hubby was asked to decorate the office Christmas tree and display other hideous(50 year old, gawdy plastic candles--to be placed in all the windows) decorations. He did not really want to do this, not because he doesn't celebrate at home, just didn't want to waste time doing this at work. He asked sort of snippishly, "What if I don't want to decorate?" The (stick shoved way up her a**) boss says, " What are you Jewish or something?" First of all, how derogatory is that towards people of Jewish decent? Second, if he(or anyone in the room) was Jewish, she has just announced that she is not accepting of other's beliefs, culture, etc. Third, hubby might be Jewish, he has no idea what decent he is(was adopted). So why is the majority of people in this country(especially here in Ohio) so unaccepting of anyone outside of their little bubble that they live in? Come on people, can't we just all get along?

Everyone join me in song please.....We are the World.....We are the Children.....We are the ones that make a brighter world so let's start giving......

I don't mean to sound cheesy, but I think that too many people have these feelings(maybe are able to hide them) and they occasionally make their appearance in little comments like "What are you Jewish or something" and most people overlook them. I never can. Unfortunately I usually don't come up with a good response to stop the ignorant person in their feet.

I truly hope that everyone has a joyous holiday(if you do celebrate) and enjoy spending time with family and friends. Appreciate all that you have and all that you can give of yourself to others.

Okay, I'm done being sappy now.


  • At 12:42 PM , Blogger Aimée said...

    I haven't thought at all about the "Happy Holidays" vs. "Merry Christmas" thing, nor have I really noticed it, but now that I've had it pointed out I completely agree.

    Can't we all just get along? I've asked myself too many times to keep track of. Not just when it comes to religion, but everything else that people may not agree about. Especially all that "high school drama" shit.

    Happy Holidays, Roxanne :-)

  • At 6:32 PM , Blogger Jasmine said...

    To those people who are upset about Walmart and other stores not saying Merry Christmas, I want to say to them, "Gosh - if you want to teach your children about religion and the meaning behind Christmas - you might just have to take them to...church! Not Walmart!"

    AND, they are private companies - they can say whatever they want!
    I appreciate that they are being respectful of everyone's different beliefs. People always just want something to complain about!

  • At 9:36 PM , Blogger isabel said...

    aimee, you are just as wrapped up in "all that 'high school drama' shit" as anyone else...

    and you know it

    people don't WANT to not get along.

    sometimes they just don't.

  • At 10:09 AM , Blogger Liz said...

    And may I say that your husband's boss sounds like a real asshole?

  • At 8:49 PM , Blogger mtcutie said...

    Happy (fill in prefered Greeting)! That's what we are coming too... lol

    I hope your New Year is filled with health, love and happiness.



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