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Friday, February 24, 2006

What's your reason?

Here's a little questionaire for y'all. Well I guess it's just one question. What's your reason for blogging?

My main reason I started blogging was basically for journaling. I have never been able to keep a paper and pencil journal........so I figured, why not let the world know my deepest thoughts? Of course now I enjoy the added benefit of feedback from all the wonderful people I've "met" in blogland. It's nice to get some advice.....I can take it or leave it at my will. But it is always appreciated. Especially when I am not really thinking straight about a situation. I don't think my reason for blogging has changed yet, other than the fact that sometimes I write an entry that is not necessarily something that would be in a traditional journal. So sue me.

So now your job is to answer the above question.....and be honest.


  • At 10:42 PM , Blogger Mark said...

    To be honest, I have no idea why I started to blog. It really wasn't too much to keep as a journal. Just some random thought that crossed my mind at some point. But it turned out to be a good idea. Certainly it's kind of like a community of sorts. I find reading other people's blogs much more interesting than actually writing anything in mine. I find it difficult to come up with something sometimes to write about. I was a lurker more at first when reading other people's blogs. But, I try to leave comments if I visit a blog regularly. And it's good when I get comments over on my blog. I never thought, in the beginning, about the interaction that occurs between bloggers. So it's been a worthwile endeavor.

  • At 2:18 PM , Blogger mtcutie said...

    I started blogging over on MSN when I got an invitation to start an MSN Space. I didn’t even know what it was but the more I fiddled with it the more I kinda liked it. I didn’t get any comments at first because I was on private and didn’t even know what I was doing but much like now I was on sick leave and depressed, bored and needed an outlet to release how I was feeling.

    You see I’m very open in my blog but in real life… I don’t express as much as I do here. I’m very closed offish and don’t let others know it’s I’m hurting or in pain if I can help it.

    Since then I’ve also learned the benefits of the feedback and the friendships and relationships built in this blogland community. It’s been mostly a positive experience.


  • At 11:32 PM , Blogger mtcutie said...

    Thanks Roxanne…I’m glad one of us is positive. From all the literature I’ve been reading this surgery is only going to buy me about 4 years and that’s best case scenario. Somehow this isn’t really making me feel any better. And when I get too depressed and feel sorry for myself I want to kick myself in the ass because as bad as this seems to me… there are people out there a whole lot worse then me.

    It’s a vicious cycle in my head.


  • At 2:11 AM , Blogger mtcutie said...


    Thanks again for stopping by and letting me feel like I can vent a little… release a little steam or fears that are eating me up. At home I’m still hiding from the doorbell, home phone, cell phone.. heck I’m barely opening my mail.

    It does feel a little safer here… thanks.



  • At 2:08 PM , Blogger Liz said...

    It's a creative outlet for me. :)

  • At 7:06 PM , Blogger Brie said...

    Hm, for me, I started out of a combination of two things. One is, I can't keep a written journal, because my mum is very nosy, I know she would find it, and there are some things that I just don't want her to see. The other is that it's kind of like a way to comminucate to my friends. I get to talk to them sometimes during the day, but not about everything, like how I'm feeling, how they're doing, what's going on, stuff like that. So, we all have blogs that we can type in to let others know what's up, and I also like reading other people's comments. It helps to know that there are peopl who are listening, even if it's not really about much. And I comment on others as a way to let them know that I do still care, even if I don't hang out with them all the time. I also don't tell everyone everything, and I am able to tell a little more in here, less personal. But I do happen to have another blog, that I keep to myself.Even friends don't have to know everything.

  • At 4:00 AM , Blogger mtcutie said...


    I want to thank you for your lovely comment and your beautiful offer to call, email etc. I’ve decided this will be a road I shall travel at alone for the time being but you can email me at mtcutie29@hotmail.com and I’ll add you to my Hospital Care Page. This is where friends and family can follow my progress when I’m in the hospital.

    It’s private for personal reasons but your offer touched me and if you really want to follow this road even though I’m not asking for any shoulder to cry on just yet. You can follow my progress from there.

    You know… I think everyone picked up on my Grey’s Karma theme… I admit the idea for this blog entry stemmed from things within but brought together after watching Grey’s on Sunday.

    Thanks again… for everything.


  • At 11:16 AM , Blogger His suzy said...

    My reasons for blogging are like most of the others here, I think. It's partly to use as a journal, because I stopped my handwritten journals sometime in college. It's partly just to put myself out in the world more nakedly than I can on a regular day to day basis. I don't know if anyone really reads my blog, but at least I know if anyone does, they're getting the real me! :)

    Thanks for the question and letting me share. I came across your blog while just perusing through some. I'll try to come back! :)


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