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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Dreaaaaam............All I Want to do is Dream

I recently checked out a couple of library books on dream interpretation. I am always trying to interpret my dreams but have never read anything on this. I must say..........very interesting. Here is some of the stuff I found from the book "The Secret Language of Dreams" by David Fontana.

"To dream of being naked in a public place, among other people wo are unconcerned about the fact, or oblivious to it, usually indicates that we should discard as groundless any fears that we will be rejected if our real self is revealed." Well, I have to say I agree with that one. I am always dreaming that I am naked in public. There's also the anonymous blog thing, too.

Toilet Dreams:
"To dream of unsuccessfully searching for a toilet may indicate a conflict between the need to express oneself in public and a fear of doing so. If a dreamer is anxious that a toilet lacks privacy, it may indicate fear of public exposure, or a need for greater self-expression." I do have recurring toilet dreams. I always thought that it was just because I had a full bladder and my brain was trying to wake me up. This is very interesting and I agree with interpretation. I usually dream that I am searching and searching and every public restroom that I come upon is not toilet worthy. I race from stall to stall and it either turns out to be some sort of shower stall or if it is a toilet, it's plugged and overflowing or there is no door on the stall. I either end of peeing in the shower (eeewww!) or sitting down to relieve myself on the toilet with people walking by watching. Weird.


  • At 10:00 AM , Blogger His suzy said...

    Roxanne, I totally thought of you while watching the Oscars Sunday night! I saw a couple commercials from Master Card about a contest for people to make up their own "priceless" commercial. It made me think of your little thing about Skippy! I think the site is priceless.com (of course) if you want to submit it! :)


  • At 1:58 PM , Blogger Eclipse75048 said...

    I have that freaky toilet dream too (luckily I don't have to squat, though). Mine usually involve either having no success in finding a bathroom ANYWHERE or in a huge communal bathroom (with dozens of toilets and showers and sinks), but all the toilets are either occupied or nasty. I only have that dream when my bladder is as full as the Kool-Aid man.

  • At 2:53 PM , Blogger Liz said...

    Very interesting!

    My weird dreams happen when I have to use the bathroom really badly, but don't wake up right away. The pain in my abdomen makes me dream that I am in labor, but in the dreams I never knew I was pregnant. I'm usually panicked because I never went to the doctor or took prenatal vitamins.

    This one's probably easy to interpret, huh? Parenthood anxiety. ;)

  • At 1:56 AM , Blogger mtcutie said...


    As far as dreams go the one I always get is the one where someone is either killing me, breaking in to kill me or killing my dog in front of me while I scream bloody murder before he comes to kill me.

    I never see his face… I’m always awoken from my sleep in my dream… which is scarier because I’m sleeping in my dream and when I wake up from my dream in a cold sweat I have this sudden OMG… was that a dream and I start to quickly listen for intruders.

    When I’m home alone I always ALWAYS put chairs in front of my back doors… like booby traps that make noise in case of intruders.

    I’ve never been assaulted. I’ve had a few break ins in my day but I’ve NEVER been home at the time… I don’t know why I have this dream but I do… and I have it often.

    Does the book say anything about that?


  • At 6:20 AM , Blogger Brie said...

    I have had the toilet dream a few times, but mostly it's been either all the toilets are overflowing, or it's a communal thing. Either way, I couldn't go. I remember one time I found the toilets, but they were like giants. Yes, giant toilets, bigger than me. Weird, no? Try sitting on a toilet that's bigger than you. Not all that easy, and gives a new meaning to "don't fall in".But that interpretation sounds about right for the time. So does the naked dream interpretation. Had a few of those too. Mostly before an important day where I'm going to be doing something that has to do with who I am, like a poetry reading or something. But yeah, I should ckeck out a book or two on dream interpretation, because I don't always dream, but when I do, it's usually my minds way of telling me something. Any suggestions on some good books?


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