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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Shoe Fetish

I've never thought of myself to have a shoe fetish. Yes, I like a good shoe. I like my feet to be happy, comfy, and look good. I do NOT like to spend a lot of money on shoes though (Liz...$300....although they are cute!). I went into Kohl's today (a.k.a-my new Mervyn's) to return a shirt for hubby. On my way out of the store I spot a "Gold Star" savings sign in the shoe section. This is where they mark down clearance items an extra 50% off. Let's just say I think I bought more shoes in that one purchase than ever in my whole life. I found shoes for myself and for my kids but not for hubby. I've learned that it does me no good to buy him clothing or shoes. No matter what it is, he'll hate it. I don't think I need to shop for shoes for myself for the next 5 years. I actually had to stop myself (very hard) from loading up anymore into my cart. I think I almost had an orgasm right there in the aisle when I found some really comfy white, puffy winter boots marked down to $5. The most I paid for any pair was $7.50. Go me! Now I need to figure out which closet I'm taking over to hold all these good deals. I am so freaking psyched!


  • At 4:20 PM , Blogger Liz said...

    Hee! Roxanne, I swear- I had never spent more than fifty bucks on a pair of shoes before that. Well, ok- there was the pair of knee-high Anne Klein boots, but they were marked down to $125. See? Almost like your puffy white boots! ;)

    Of course, I can't promise it'll never happen again... (hangs head in shame)

  • At 4:22 PM , Blogger Liz said...

    Also- I remember Mervyns from when I lived in California years ago!

  • At 12:12 AM , Blogger Tina said...

    Thats awesome! Its great when the planets all align and you find good deals and you can actually find your size. Obviously you were meant to have all those shoes!


  • At 2:49 AM , Blogger mtcutie said...


    That shoe sale sounds DEVINE!!! I wish I was there…MAN oh MAN do I love shoe shopping… it’s right up there with Purses, wallets and here comes my nerdy side… electronics!

    I’m glad you enjoyed your shopping trip… I like to see good people get treats… and 5 years worth of shoes for a woman with shoe thing is a BIG treat! Lol

    Hugs and thanks again for everything,


  • At 2:52 PM , Blogger Jasmine said...

    Yipi for shoes! $7.50 a pair? That's fantastic! You should post pics of them for us to see! :)

  • At 9:45 PM , Blogger Aimée said...

    I have used that same expression, "I think I almost had an orgasm..." many, many times when it has come to chocolate and pretty dresses.

    Congrats on the shoes, I hope they make your feet happy. :-)

  • At 8:05 PM , Blogger Brie said...

    I'm not much of a shopper myself, and I'm not all that crazy about shoes, I much prefer to go barefoot. Unless I have some really cool socks and some shoes that are comfy and that I like.I don't really care if other people like them, as long as I'm ok with them. Congrats on finding those shoes at that kind of price. I know that if it was something that I loved like that, I wouldn't have held back at all! Of course, it's more than likely good that you did. Have fun with those.


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