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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I Knew it Was Coming......just not now

I just received a call that I knew would happen at some point, but it still caught me off guard.

Hubby called to tell me that he was at his therapist's office about ready to head to the psych hospital to be admitted. He had been crying (I could tell from the sniffling) and so I knew something was up as soon as I picked up on my end. He said there were two options he could think of. The other would result in a phone call that he said I probably would not want to receive (ie: police, hospital). I guess I'll take this option, although I'm not sure where to go from here. Wish me luck and lots of boxes of kleenex. I think I'm gonna need both. Now I get to go tell my kids that dad's not coming home tonight (and who knows for how many nights).


  • At 5:55 PM , Anonymous Lessie said...

    Just wanted you to know that I have missed your blog quite a bit (when it stayed bunnies for a while), and then I check back and read your news about your hubby. So sorry I wasn't checking back sooner. But it sounds like he is doing better. This may be a good thing. May be a good step toward managing his depression. I hope so. You are being a trooper -- and there is much love being sent your way.


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