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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Zzzzzzzz, what'd you say?

I think I need to get myself and my husband to bed. He fell asleep on the couch and in between snores, let out a "it seems screwed". I'm always amused when people talk in their sleep. Nighty nite, sleep tight!


  • At 1:41 PM , Blogger Bearette24 said...

    it's funny when you can understand what they're saying! often it's just mumblings.

  • At 3:08 AM , Blogger Invader Stu said...

    I wonder what he was talking about.

    I've been told I talk in my sleep but no one can make out what I am saying apart from one time I apparently said, "The machines are after me."

  • At 3:43 PM , Blogger kitkat said...

    I just stopped by from bearette's page.

    I once half-woke up insisting that he answer my demanding question, "Are the mirrors ready?" It went on for a couple minutes until I gained full consciousness (and embarassment).


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