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Monday, June 23, 2008

Keep Your Enemies Close......

and your lovers closer. That's a line from one of Ryan Cabrera's songs off of his new album. The concert was great....for those of us that attended. Not kidding here. There were, at the most, about 50 people in attendance. I was shocked that the place wasn't packed, but hey it made it more enjoyable for us! Without having to stand and save our spot the whole time, we were 3 or 4 people back from the stage.

There were 2 warm-ups before Ryan came out. The first group was "Cory Lamb". That's the name of the lead singer and the name of the group. They were pretty awesome. Jesse said, "We HAVE to buy their CD!" It was 5 buck for 5 songs. The same 5 songs they played for us (koinkydink!). Next up was Ferras. He didn't have his band along so he sat at the keyboard and belted out some tunes including, "Hollywood is not America". We bought his CD too because he was even better than the first guys. Apparently his CDs are on sale at Target and Walmart and according to Ferras, also from his trunk.

The Grog Shop in Cleveland feels like hanging out in someone's basement. When we first arrived Jessed commented that "it looks like crap!" I tried to explain to her that it was on purpose. That it is the look that they're going for. I was just thankful that, even though alcohol is served (re: "grog" in the Grog Shop), no one seemed to get out of control or anything. I guess that's just the protective mom part of me coming out. The closest that we came to having anyone "out of control" was the Paris Hilton Wannabe and her equally annoying bleach blonde friend. Not only did she have the same hair, body, face, and fake tan as Paris, but she and her friend acted in that I Am Entitled To Do as I Please No Matter How Many People I Hurt Or Annoy Along The Way. Seriously. I was waiting for one of the Ryan Groupies to sucker punch her while she and friend were pushing (literally) their way to the front of the stage. And almost spilling their drinks on everyone along the way. I don't even think they were there to listen to the music. Not like the rest of us who were singing every line of every song. :) If I ever figure out how to view the video off our camera AND THEN figure out how to post it online you can see these 2 a-holes for yourself. Because in their Full Entitled Fashion were able to walk right in front of Jesse as she was filming Ryan singing one of her favorite songs.

My only regret is that I didn't shell out the dough for the "Meet and Greet". It was $20 per person and that included a copy of his new CD (which we already own but I may have been able to sell or give them as gifts, oh well, too late now). We would have been able to go backstage to take pictures and meet Ryan and the band. Even though I would have loved to get those pictures and have a chance to meet him, I probably would have felt totally awkward. I mean where do you go beyond, "Hey, I love your music.....and,ummmm" Next time I plan on making him a funky knit hat (because he wears them) to break the ice. Is that too Grandmotherly? Or maybe I'll just throw the hat onto the stage instead of my granny underwear.

Before the concert

Check out the camera at the bottom of the frame. I bet their pic turned out better!

With all that long hair, he was constantly pushing it back behind his ears. But as least it helped me get a shot of one his newest Tats (as Jesse called them...how does she know that word anyhow?) 50 bonus points to the first person to figure out what it is.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Admit it, you missed me

I feel like I've been in hiding lately, peeking my nose into other people's lives here and there. And it's pretty interesting, too!

So even though I've been quiet, life is still moving on. Here's some tidbits of life around here lately.

The kids are out of school. I now am the proud owner of a 10th grader (scary!!) and a 6th grader (who is acting like a 10th grader).

Nate now has a girlfriend. Their relationship, so far, consists of talking on the phone, one trip to the $1 theater (we drove them, too bad huh?), and one guest appearance by Nate to her church youth group. I'm not too worried just yet. He hasn't grasped the whole idea of personal hygiene yet. It's getting a little irritating to have to remind a 15 year old to shower and brush his teeth every once in a while. I'm curious to see how long he would actually go if we didn't insist that he use soap and water and toothpaste. Of course when the stench gets to be too much to handle, I give in every time.


Tomorrow night, Jesse and I are going to a Ryan Cabrera concert. I'm not sure which of us is more excited (okay, I'll admit that it's me!). When his last album came out a few years ago he still had the cute boyish look going on. Well, he's all grown up now and Jesse is repulsed. He let his hair grow out and now has facial hair. She still likes his music so I told her at the concert she can just close her eyes and enjoy the tunes.

Here's the new look....Johnny Depp?

We bought the kids a big trampoline this past weekend. They (mostly Jesse) have been bugging to get one for years now. We finally gave in and I'm glad for that. I even got on and jumped til I peed my pants (yes, haven't done enough of those kegels I guess).

While going through Jesse's school papers I found and old "MASH". You remember those? They have a few different categories such as: guys, types of houses, cars, amount of kids, etc. Well, I guess times have changed since I was in grade school. Here's a rundown of what I found:


Crappy (hee!)



Money per year


Kids (adopted)


These were the results.

Jesse is going to marry Bobby. They will have a cat, 2 adopted kids, drive a Prius, and make $150,oo0 a year. They will live in Ohio and she will be a stripper. Guess what? They will also consider getting divorced. I wonder if her occupation has anything to do with that or maybe they just fought too much about who got to drive the Prius.

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