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Friday, February 20, 2009

I can't handle the pressure

You know how when you put something off for so long, the bigness of it just seems to grow and grow and grow into a seemingly unmanageable size? That's my lame excuse for not posting for so long. Moving on.

Let's see....what would you like to know? I could start with the fun stuff. I think due to the fact that during my twenties I seemed to always have a kid attached at the boob and cleaning poopy diapers left and right, I never really got to have my "coming of age". I've been having what I call a 3rd life crisis (because I plan on living to at least 100yrs. old). And due to my lack of girlfriends here (trying to remedy that, but I'll talk about that one later), I've had to drag my hubby along with me. He has humored me so far, but I think his limitations are coming to an end. :)

I have been an avid Dancing with the Stars fan for the last few seasons. I think the main reason is the fact that I love dancing in general. Also, one of the things on my Bucket List is to learn how to ballroom dance. I've done everything but beg Ron to take classes with me, but I know it'll never happen. I just tease him that I'll have to find me some hot partner to learn with. SPEAKING OF THAT.....

For those of you that don't know, this is Derek Hough. I should have asked him how much his private dance lessons are. Hehe..... (My husband was on the other side of the camera. MUST.KEEP.HANDS.ABOVE.THE.WAIST.)

I got to briefly meet him and Mark Ballas

Do I look like an Amazon woman, or what??

Not only are they professional dancers on the show, but they also have their own band (Ballas Hough Band) that has been playing at pubs across the lovely country of England for the past 10 years. They were touring the country and I had the pleasure of seeing them in Cleveland. I'm still kicking myself for not buying tickets to the Dancing with the Stars tour. Bah!!!

Also, have I mentioned that I'm a fan of Ryan Cabrera before? I realize that most of his fans are 20ish and younger, but I don't care!! I love his music and he puts on a great performance. I promise it has nothing to do with his good looks or cute, but dorky, personality. Anyhow, he was doing an acoustic tour across some of the eastern states and I just lucked out that he added Pittsburgh at the last minute. I couldn't talk any of my knitting buddies along and there was a pretty nasty storm coming through that night. So my husband, being the gentleman that he is, played chauffer for the evening.

This is not Ryan. This is one of the warm-up guys, Zack Hexum. He was pretty good. Good enough that I bought his CD and I've listened to it several times since. When Jesse saw his picture, she said he looks like Marshal on How I Met Your Mother.

This would be Ryan. He has since cut off the long locks that made many of his fans (mostly young girls) disgusted and/or outraged. I don't really care, as long as he keeps making new music. :)

Because I'm a knitting geek, this is the hat that I made for him. I know that he likes to wear funky hats, so why not make one for him? I was slightly (maybe more) embarrassed because... who does that? I'm just a tad too old to be a groupie, right? My husband, trying to ease the uncomfortable-ness for me, says to Ryan, "Hey, that's not so weird. Her mom used to make stuff for John Denver!" Which is totally true, but still! He seemed genuinely thankful and said he really needed a winter hat. Hopefully it doesn't end up in the bottom of his closet.

This is immediately following the awkward hat exchange. Again with the Amazon woman look. I'm even taller than his spiky hair!

This is me modeling the same version hat, only mine is in mauve. I love this hat! It covers my ears in the bitter cold. It has a cute little brim. The fit is slightly loose so that when I take it off my hair is usually not plastered to my head. Jesse? Says I look like a cancer patient because you can't tell I have any hair. Ron? Just made a funny face like "I'm not going to comment because then I'll be in trouble." What a wise man.

I'll save the not so fun news for later. I promise I won't wait months to post again. Really!
Also? I'm on Facebook and spending a bit too much time playing around, catching up with old friends from high school and beyond. I've yet to poke anyone or send random, meaningless gifts to anyone. If you're a regular here and want to find me on Facebook, send me a holler...roxanneblogspot@yahoo.com. I might let you in the secret vault...heh..heh..heh...