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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Just when you think it's safe to answer the doorbell...

You know it's going to be one of those days when County Children's Services shows up on your doorstep.....

I've debated about whether or not to post anything about this here. And although I'm not going to elaborate I will say this...never say never. Never think that because you have the best interest of your child in your thoughts at all times that it makes you immune to the overzealousness of authority figures (a.k.a. school principal).

And on a lighter note (because if I allow myself to focus on this much more I'll send myself into a tailspin)........

Does anyone have a tried and true delectable pie recipe they'd like to share? We are going to Cincinnati again this year for Thanksgiving and I will most likely be bringing pies. I'm planning on the typical pumpkin but I'd also like to make some sort of berry pie and one other just for good measure. Any ideas before I start my google search???

Saturday, November 08, 2008


Sheesh. It's been so long since I've been here that I almost forgot my login and password. I'm a bad, bad blogger. I've written many a posts inside my head but then I never seem to follow through and actually put them into writing. Here's the lowdown of some of the stuff I could've written individual posts about......

I bought this car off of Ebay. I know you're jealous. Well, maybe I should clarify I didn't ACTUALLY buy it. I saw it at the zoo and snapped a picture to send to my dad who is a car buff. I would love to have something this garrish to drive around in just to see people's reactions. Especially when I'm dropping the kids off at school and such.

Hurricane Ike decided to do a bit of damage to our pool as he whipped his way through Ohio. I guess this means no more late night skinny dipping sessions. Oh darn!

Here's another view of the tree with the whole root system. Pretty impressive, huh?

This is what happens when you try to get a teenage boy to do work outside. The hammock and the lazy cat won out over the nagging parents. Aren't they just too cute?

We did Halloween. Here's my ghost suckers. Scary.

And we decorated cookies.

This is the first year I dressed up along with the daycare kids. Think I'm scary enough? I had to lose the black hair partway through the day because A) it was irritating the heck out of my head, and B)I was scaring the little ones. I also dressed up for a party that Ron and I went to. I have photographic evidence, but Ron is also in the picture and I suppose I'll maintain his anonimity for him. I also have no idea how to photoshop him out or put a big dark blob over his face. Anyhoo, I dressed in doctor's scrubs, had a real stethoscope and everything. My nametag? Dr. Turnyur Hedenkoff. (hee!)

Someone else also dressed up for Halloween. Meet Wednesday Addams. Her complete outfit was purchased at Goodwill. I'm still amazed that we were able to find everything so efficiently and cost effectively. Even though my feet hurt after the trick-or-treat session it was well worth it. Jesse and her friend gave me all of their Snickers and Resse's cups . Score!

I will leave you with this image. No, it's not a dead bunny. Just one that's terrified stiff. Whenever it's toenail trimming time, Jesse lays them on their back on her lap. They don't move an inch the whole time. See the cute little bunny chompers?