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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Wimpy, wimpy, wimpy

I live in a houseful of wimps. No really, they just like to play things safe I guess. We went to Cedar Point this weekend. You know, the amusement park where they claim to have some of the best coasters in the world. I think they profess to even have the tallest (or is it fastest?) coaster....the Millineum Force. I didn't take the time to investigate the statistics on it, but my God, the size of that thing is unbelievable. I don't live a very risk taking lifestyle so when I go to places like this with monstrosities such as this, I like to take risks. As we passed each of these twisting and turning and death defying rides I posed the same question, "Anyone?" Guess what answer I got? Yup. A resounding "NO!" from all three of my companions. If I had wanted to go on any of them, it would have involved me standing in long lines by myself, cheating death with strangers, and then not having anyone to share those few post ride adrenaline rush moments with. That's ok. Next time I will go on any and all rides that I missed out on this time, whether I have to do it by myself or not. Anyone want to join me in my quest?

We DID get to cheat death on one somewhat mild coaster....the Mine something or other Ride. It was somewhat similar in intensity to the Thunder Mountain (I think that's what it's called) at Disneyland/World. When we first step into the cars and are getting seatbelts attached and bars pulled down, hubby has one of those embarrassing moments that people of a certain size pray will never happen(believe me when I say I felt for him but I couldn't do a thing for him). They couldn't get the bar to go down far enough to lock into place. After a few tries it finally locked into place (with a glance back in my direction...maybe looking for sympathy or to see if I had noticed...I'm not sure). Have I mentioned yet that hubby is super superstitious about everything? So already he was nervous. Alas, our ride has begun. While heading up the first incline, click, click, kerplunk! The ride has stopped just at the moment that the first car is at the top of the hill. I immediately knew this is not right, but noone seemed to be saying anything. A few minutes pass, people are starting to look around, and one of the employees comes walking down the catwalk with a phony smile on his face. "How are you all doing?" *Um, we're stuck on a ride in the hot, baking sun. How do you think we're doing?* Hubby says, "You got any drinks for us?" I think he ignored the question and moved on to the people stuck way up at the top of the hill....still with that phone smile on his face. He stayed with us, not really comforting anyone because he had nothing to say besides "mechanical problems and don't know how long". Basically his job was to make sure noone started to freak out and jump out of the cars. We were stuck there for a good 20-30 minutes until two more employees walk out to help everyone off the ride. Something I've never gotten to do before. They took our names and zip codes. Not sure why the zip code and nothing else, but oh well. Noone died, noone got hurt, no bodies hurtling through the air at death defying speeds. Alls well. So we continued on our merry way. Found a few more rides to entertain us until Jesse poses the question, "Can we go on the mine ride again? Look it's running again!" I give hubby a 'come on let's go for it....really what could go wrong' look. He gives me his 'we've cheated death once already today...let's not push it' look. Jesse wins. We successfully go on the ride. With only one glitch. The cars made a temporary stop...a few seconds....and then continued on. Immediately when we get off she asks, "Can we go again? Please, please, please?" Hubby decides to bail out on this one. He's had enough excitement. So I take the kids for another ride. As we're standing in line Bobby looks over and notices that the ride is stuck AGAIN with people stuck at the top of one of the hills....same cheesy guy walking out the 'comfort' them. Someone blurts out, "Hey, look the ride is stuck." A woman that's part of a large group very quickly states, "Oh hell NO!", and leads her group back down the ramp. We follow suit.

The water park "Soak City" the day before was loads of fun. I think the wave pool was the big hit of the day. You basically get thrown and tossed like a rag doll for 10 minutes straight until they turn the wave machine off again. At one point I had this aditudinal teenager trying to express something to me (as the waves are throwing us to and fro). I guess I bumped her or something, but sorry, if you've ever been in one of these you know what I'm talking about. You literally cannot control who your body comes into contact with (which can be quite interesting at times but mostly just scary *ex: running into grotesquely hairy bodies and such*) Anyways, a fun time was had by all. Nobody died. We did get sunburned at the water park. 7 hours of play in the water+ 3 liberal applications of 45spf sunscreen+3 very fair skinned people= sunburns all around. Go figure.


  • At 1:08 PM , Blogger His suzy said...

    I was on a roller coaster at Kings Island once when it stopped on the hill. We sat there for probably only 5 minutes, but it felt like a long time. And then it kept going with no further incident. We didn't even get a phony smile guy.

    Glad you guys mostly had a good time! :)

  • At 10:01 PM , Blogger mtcutie said...

    You couldn’t get anyone to go on a ride with you? What’s the point of going to an amusement park then? To watch other people being amused?

    The Milleneum Force sounds like fun. I wouldn’t attempt it right now because my diseased colon would probably fly up threw my mouth or something but a healthy me would be standing in line for that ride… that’s for damn sure!

    So you cheated death on the loud clanky coaster and then went back again? Ok… that is pretty brave. Can you imagine if you were suck up there again with the second group of people. Hubby would NOT have been impressed.

    It’s too bad that the idiot that was supposed to be ‘comforting’ you guys wasn’t a little better at his job. As soon as they asked for names and addresses even if it was just a zip code I would have started demanding some kind of refund or voucher or something. That was 30 minutes of your life that you can’t get back. 30 minutes that could have been used in the park. I’m sure that park wasn’t a cheap outing. Maybe I would have demanded a refund or a free voucher for the whole family to come back again gratis!

    But that’s just me.

    I’m really glad I made it past Nurse Victoria’s wrath too… she was horrible. Much more dangerous then the coasters.

    As for Humira I hit a snag in the road… my insurance company doesn’t want to cover it and it’s $3000 biweekly!

    I’m appealing their decision and had my doctor fill some more information out… please keep your fingers crossed!


  • At 12:54 AM , Blogger Roxanne said...

    When you get better I'll treat you to a trip to Cedar Point, but only if I get to be your partner on all the big rides. No, I didn't get to go on any of the big thrill seeking ones, but we did have fun anyways. I didn't throw any huge tantrum (only a little one which included such words as: wimps, babies, and you wanna go to the kiddie section**that last one aimed at hubby). It's funny to me how someone who comtemplates suicide can be so fearful of death by malfunctioning equipment. Anyhoo, we got to ride both water rides which were quite exciting: the first is where you're in a huge boat and go down a huge slope and everyone is literally drenched with gallons and gallons of water. A much needed and welcomed ride when it's over 90 degrees out.

    I did consider asking for some sort of freebie when they were taking our names, but frankly we just wanted to get our butts outa there (I know, only to return and get on that stupid ride again). I might write a letter or email though requesting free tickets though....it was quite traumatizing to my children after all. ;)

    I hope that your insurance can kick in for the Humira. I have all 20 fingers and toes crossed. And anything else I can think of.

  • At 9:36 PM , Blogger Brie said...

    Oh, Cedar Point! I loved that place! It was one of the few places with rides that you can actually ride most of them in one day, except perhaps Kentucky Kingdom. But yeah, it was fun. It's a shame you didn't get to ride the Millenium Force, or the Dragster. The Dragster is the tallest roller coaster in the world, and I think the Millenium Force is the 2 or 3rd fastest. Perhaps I have them switched, either way, ther are both fun. I highly suggest that when you go back you ride them. And be sure to ride the Millenium Force at night. It's amazing, it really is. I must have rode that ride 6 times, and it never got old. At night they light it up, it's cool. Well, enough of my rambling. But needless to say, I enjoyed it there, and you should definitely go back.


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